Many people, especially due to the modern day fashion of owning too many things to store them all comfortably in their house, will need to use storage services in Croydon at some point in their lives. If you're moving home, having a large renovation, or simply want a little more living space in your home, there are a variety of benefits that come with using storage units. While conditions of course vary from company to company, here are a few general benefits that you can reap from quality storage services.

First of all, there's very rarely any need for a long-term commitment to using storage, and you'll almost never be asked to sign a contract. This can be especially useful if you're in the middle of a move, and abruptly realise that you need to store things away. A large proportion of storage service companies, provided they have enough vacant lockers, will be happy for you to organise your storage and turn up the very same day you need to use it.

Another great advantage of using a storage facility is that they are exceptionally reliable. Think about it; the whole reason these businesses exist is to store private property or belongings, ensuring that they get back to their owner in the exact same condition he or she left it in. Any business that's been up and running for a decent amount of time has probably learned the importance of customer satisfaction, and storage units are no different.

This is why a good storage unit is probably one of the safest places you can leave your things when you're away. As an extra safety net, a lot of facilities will offer some form of insurance, so if you're storing anything particularly important, make sure to take advantage of this option.

One of the other great things about storage facilities, as opposed to using a friend's space or other alternatives, is that you can access the things you've put into storage more or less any time you want. Most storage facilities have staff on-site 24 hours a day, so hiring out a locker or unit is quite similar to using your own garage or attic for storing your things. One of the things that separates storage facilities from these two options, however, is that they are professionally maintained. This means that when you lock your items away in a storage unit, as opposed to your garage, you never have to worry about rain or other forces of nature causing costly damages.


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With a population of 1.3 million residents and growing, Surrey has undergone major changes during the last few decades. It is therefore perfectly reasonable to assume that there are times when an individual will need to relocate or even move to another location within the United Kingdom. This can be a challenging task and only the most trusted removal companies should be hired. What are some of the core competencies that such firms need to demonstrate?

Storage Solutions

One of the most common times that a move will be necessary is when a company must relocate from one location to another. This is particularly the case within Surrey, as this region has been shown to have the greatest business potential outside of London. It can be difficult to accommodate the needs of a larger office within a single move, or there may be times when a relocation will be carried out in a number of distinct phases. These are some of the instances when temporary storage solutions are required. A dependable removals firm should offer this advantage as an addition to their standard packages.

Packing Materials

Even the smallest of moves will require some logistical planning beforehand. Packing materials are a key concern that must be addressed. From boxes and tape to bubble padding and wrapping paper, such items can make any move much easier while protecting valuable items, equipment, and furniture. As opposed to being forced to purchase these materials from an additional source, it is much more convenient to choose a company that provides these supplies alongside their services.

Customer Reviews

It is also vital to understand what previous clients are saying about the removal company you’re considering. Testimonials are powerful tools to appreciate the efficiency of the moving team as well as any special advantages that they may offer. As opposed to succumbing to advertising "fluff", these reviews are very important resources to ponder on before committing to any arrangement.

The factors enumerated above should always be determined ahead of time by any Surrey property owner who is looking to enjoy the most reliable services. Moving the contents of a home or business can be challenging and by selecting the correct firm, many of the associated challenges can be dramatically reduced.


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When you're moving house as a parent in the Croydon area, you may need to find ways to keep your children entertained. While it's likely that they'll find the home removals process exciting, they may also grow tired. Fortunately, there are ways you can make things less tiring for everyone involved.

Try to arrange childcare well in advance of the move.

If your children are still quite young, you may want to arrange childcare in advance of the move. Similarly, placing pets in a kennel or cattery can make the process easier. If possible, drop off the kids with their grandparents or another family member the day before you move house so you can get started early.

Get them excited by involving them in the process.

It's natural for some children to worry about moving, especially if they're leaving their old school and friends behind. Fortunately, you can alleviate some of these worries by involving them in the process. Younger children may relish the opportunity to pack, and visiting the house in advance of the move so they can see the garden and choose their rooms can be exciting.

Listen to their concerns and arm them with plenty of information.

Just like adults, children have concerns when it comes to moving house. Rather than dismissing them, listen to them and then give them the information they need to stay at ease. Children who are worried about meeting new friends may want to know more about activities in your new area, while those who are about to change schools will love learning about what their new school has to offer. If you're simply moving to another area of Croydon, take them to see nearby parks and attractions. These are all excellent ways to make them anticipate the change in a positive way.

Most importantly, begin letting your children know about your plans as soon as they're finalised. This gives them plenty of time to contemplate the move, while allowing you to find ways to involve them in the process. Once you've arrived at the other end, it'll soon become an adventure for everyone involved. Finally, make sure you hire one of the best removal companies like Arnold & Self that serve Croydon and nearby areas.


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Moving house is stressful, but sometimes it can be for the best. Moving away from inner city grime to take advantage of the beautiful setting and excellent schools in Sutton, for example, can provide the impetus needed to make the decision to up the stakes and move. The following tips will help you to make the move go smoothly and without any snags:

Book in Advance

Movers are sometimes booked for weeks, if not months, in advance so be sure to get your moving date booked as soon as you can, as soon as you have decided on your new home for preference. Pushing it to the last minute could leave you and all your belongings stranded, with new owners moving into your old home and you having no way to get to your new home. This would be a frustrating and potentially expensive disaster.

Start Packing…Now!

Start packing as soon as possible, clearing out storage areas and sheds, even if there is still a long time before the move. Depending on how long you have been in your current home, you will have accumulated a lot of stuff, perhaps more than you even realise. Beginning the packing process early will remind you of everything you have and give you time to arrange yard sales or trips to the dump, as well as letting you pack up those items that you want to hold on to and take with you.

If in Doubt, Ask!

If you have a lot of possessions, or unusual objects needing to be moved, ask the mover to come and see them. Letting the mover look at what there is allows him or her to see exactly the dimensions or bulk of the items to be moved and there will be no confusion or upsets on moving day. Another good idea is to ask how your goods should be packed in order to survive the move. While you may have your own ideas about bubble wrap and sturdy boxes, movers are experts and will be able to best advise you on how to ensure the safe travel of your precious possessions.

Keep the Kettle to Hand

Do not pack the kettle until the very end. There is nothing like a cup of tea as you do that final walk-through of your old home, especially after a busy day packing and moving boxes and crates. This will mean that the kettle would be in one of the first boxes to be unloaded when you arrive, and you can all enjoy a refreshing cuppa before getting down to the hard work of unpacking all your belongings and putting them in their proper new places.

So there, you have some tips to help with removals and moving house. Following them and hiring a moving company near Sutton is a good way to ensure a smooth and uneventful move!


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Dear Ian

I really should write after every job to thank you for your excellent service but I expect the fact that all jobs are carried out with professionalism and the minimum of fuss means that I have become complacent.

However after the house clearance yesterday I had to write to offer my sincere thanks and admiration for the team. The property had been unoccupied for three months and this brought its own issues but your team worked through with professionalism and respect for the persons belongings that I have come to expect. This particular address had an interesting recent history and the neighbours were understandably intrigued with what was going on. Your team were polite and courteous with them whilst displaying the highest levels of discretion.

The team are a credit to Arnold & Self and your dedication to customer service from Debbie on first instruction though to the teams on the day is some of the best I have experienced of all the contractors I have instructed. Please pass on my thanks.

The very best regards

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a huge thank you to your guys who did our house move last week. They were very hardworking, professional and fun to be with for 2 days. Really appreciate it.

Many thanks.

Marita King

We wanted to say thank you to Dave & his team - The time of the move was so difficult for us especially with Peter being ill & the team were so supportive.

We wanted to give them an additional thank you for packing us up.

Sue Doves

A big thank you to your guys for a successful house move, they were all great, friendly, accommodating and worked so hard on a very hot day, I have finally finished unpacking so not sure what you wanted me to do with all the boxes,

Many thanks again, I will definitely refer you to any of my friends moving,

Jo and paul Really Helpful & Friendly.

Eric Tagg

It was good that they took away all the cardboard boxes, we managed to empty in time!

Mr Batten

Excellent service all the way through. Many thanks to them all.

Mrs Russell

First class service throughout.

Mrs Haugve

Every aspect from first contact, through office contact & removal could not have been more proficient, efficient, caring - a wonderful service.

Miss D Smith

Everything went to plan with a smile.

Ernest Boost

Absolutely wonderful company, both in the office and on the ground! Superb!!!

Liz Gallagher

All round good service service!

Mr Turnbull

First class from beginning to end!

Peter Perchard

Men worked very hard but were always very cheerful & helpful.

Nicola Elsden

Moving is a terrible experience, but no-one could have been more helpful than Arnold & Self.

Mr Varcoe

The guys worked extremely hard. They were very helpful. An excellent service.

Mrs Mogg

Very helpful / Move went very well.

Juliett Maggs

The morning process was very efficient & I was extremely pleased with the standard of service.

Sarah Somes

The team that carried out the removals did your company credit. They worked very hard on a very hot day.

Mr George


I also just wanted you to pass on my thanks to phil and keith, they were really fantastic during the move on friday and I would definitely use you again and pass on your details to friends.

Many thanks.

Kerry Gowans


I would like to thank the guys who helped us move out of Gurdon Road on Saturday. They were absolutely brilliant!

Kind regards, Julia

To all at Arnold and Self,

I am using my brothers computer to send you this message.

We would just like to say thank you to you all for your kindness, helpfulness and patience for making the move go as smoothly as possible.

We would like to say a special thank you to Ian for putting us at ease on his first visit and could you tell the boys that we were able to get the dining room table in without taking the legs off through the back door

Best regards from Mary and Malcolm Dunn

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your assistance with my move from Earlsfield to Uckfield on 30th May. I would be grateful if you would pass on my gratitude to the men who did the move for us. They were professional, hard working and thorough, they didn’t complain at all during the day, and managed to keep a smile on their faces. There was nothing broken as well which shows the quality of their work. I don’t remember all their names, but believe it was Andrew, Mark, and Liam. I will certainly be recommending your company to my friends when they move.

I have kept all the boxes. If you’re in uckfield please let me know if you’d like to pick them up.

With best regards


The professional team helped to make this stressful day a lot more bearable!

Sam Wardill

Sorry a bit late replying. Arnold & Self were excellent.

Mr & Mrs Hayman

Such a good feeling that the exam is now behind us and we don't have to worry about it until next year. Thank you so much for your help, I think we would find the desk situation really difficult without your assistance. As usual, your drivers were great and gave a lot of help.

Thank you once again, really appreciate your help.

Kind regards

Joan Hayman

Lovely, helpful crew (and very patient!)

Mrs MacDonald

Excellent service, very helpful team. Would definitely use again & recommend to others.

Fahreen Meghani

Very pleased, Many Thanks

Paul Pamplin, Hull.

I am absolutely delighted with the removers. They were courteous, friendly, extremely helpful and made the move completely stress free and a happy event. Many Thanks to them.

Dr & Mrs Hafeez

I thought I’d just drop you an email to say that we were very happy with the service provided and found both the staff prior to and on the day very friendly and helpful.

Should we need your services again in the future, I don’t think there would be any question in our minds to not contact you for a quote.

Thanks again.


Lyndsey Beagley

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for dealing with our move.

All your staff were extremely professional, courteous and above all helpful.

All our boxes are unpacked and ready for collection thanks to the quality of the packing and labelling.

We were very happy with the service and wouldn't hesitate to use your firm again or recommend you to a friend.

If you are ever in the market for an accountant, please feel free to give me a call.

Thanks again.


Shafiq and Fahreen Meghani.

great service helped me to stay calm with the knowledge that everything was taken care of.

Mrs Beach, Bexhill on Sea

I would just like to thank the guys for a great job helping with our move last Friday. They all worked really hard.

N. Savvides, Surbiton

Excellent service, thank you.

Mrs Barton, West Ewell

Brilliant Service!

Mr Crowson, Wallington

Arnold and Self were very helpful throughout the whole process. Would use them again.

A. Donald, West Clandon

The team were very helpful, friendly and made sure my move went smoothly. An excellent service.

L. Quinn, Cobham

The guys that actually moved us were really good, considering the weather was very hot. We are very satisfied with the whole operation.

Mrs Hobbs, Worthing

They were superb!

Mr & Mrs Gooblar, Epsom

Excellent, professional and friendly crew. We are delighted with the service and would definitely recommend Arnold & Self.

Mr Little, Epsom

Very Punctual, very helpful, moved into new home very quickly, excellent service. Thank you.

Mr Hartopp, Southampton

Very helpful, given last minute changes to requirements.

Mrs Sullivan, Redhill

Forgot to say thanks last week for the service we received on our move day. The guys, led by Paul, were excellent. Nothing was broken, and they worked really hard on both days to make the move go smoothly.

S. Hall, Wimbledon

The foreman Don was excellent. The young men who helped were helpful and polite. I would certainly recommend Arnold and Self.

Thank you for helping to make the move such a smooth one.

Mrs Pierce

We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Arnold and Self. The crew were most efficient and were a credit to the company. We would be happy to recommend them.

Mr & Mrs Uridge, Alton, Hampshire

Sacha and Martin were very polite and helpful

Mrs Wood, Beer, Devon

Excellent all round service.

Mr Record, Woldingham

A first class service from start to finish. A great company to deal with.

Mr Oram, Caterham on the Hill

Whilst in the process of unpacking I found the team extremely helpful, accommodating and professional - no job too small and I would certainly use your company again, what a team!

S. Rathray, Morden

Very good moving experience. Would definitely recommend this company

A. Wates, Stourbridge

Despite heavy snowfall the crew arrived on time. They were very professional and made the best of an imperfect situation. We have used the firm before and were even more impressed this time around.

A. Gutensohn, Kingston

What a relief - great experience on what should have been an extremely stressful day! A professional, friendly great team - thank you so much.

R. Mackenzie, Purley

We would happily recommend Arnold & Self. the whole process worked really well. Very pleased, thank you.

C. Trzcinski, Sanderstead

The lads did a great job last week - please pass on my thanks to the team.

Regards, Calum

Overall service quality was Excellent!

Mr & Mrs Bostock, Tadworth

Excellent service.

Mrs Zammit, Carshalton

Made what could have been difficult, an easy task. Polite, efficient team, thank you!

Mrs Bennett

Excellent service. Removal crew helpful and pleasant. If we where to move again (of course, we will not!) we would use Arnold and Self. Exceedingly good service.

Mr & Mrs Hitchens


Mrs Austin, Croydon